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Family Guy Escapes to Surfing in Maldives

You already surfing or it’s on your bucket list, either way you catched the right wave my friend :) because it’s..

Family Guy Favored Family Vacation in Maldives

Does your family deserve the best vacation ever? Absolutely :) And now is the time….to say farewell to Facebook, leave all your i-gadgets behind, pack your bags, take your whole family and unplug from the Matrix.

Love Affair and Honeymoon in Maldives

So you’ve been having an affair! No need for excuses, X Ray Cat sees all, but don’t panic..it’s not what you think..

From Olympus Visiting Maldives

“I wanted to travel the world and see the wonders of the earth with greatness in eccentricity, modernity and simplicity of each country’s beauty”- Vinabelle Hermoso