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X Ray Cat Interviews Travel and Food Blogger Rachel Davey

What is the secret behind the adventurous and passionate life of travelers and travelistas? Where can you enjoy the most spectacular flavorgasms? You’re about to discover the answer for yourself.

Flavourgasms at the Crossroads: Foodie Paradise Greece

..how to make sure you’ll get your flavourgasm or better yet, multiple..I’ve heard many women say it doesn’t always have to end with a gasm.. never have I heard a man say that :)

Asian Street Food: Tough Cat Favorite

Hi my friend. So you’re planning your trip to Asia or already there and hungry for some Asian street food? You’re at the right place.
While X Ray cat mostly loves fine dining in luxury, he’s a tough cat who enjoys the pleasures streets have to offer too.

Miami South Beach Restaurants: Guide to Foodie Paradise

While many might think that Miami is a gangsta’s paradise (what happened to Coolio anyways), it’s actually a foodies paradise :)

Dining In Luxury In Ibiza’s Best Restaurants XRayCat Style

Do you love to pleasure your belly? Great, here’s something you probably haven’t experienced yet..