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Following Columbus to Sandsational Dominican Republic

Do you ever dream about following the footsteps of great explorers? Feeling the same sand that Christopher Columbus felt under his boot in 1492 when he landed on this paradise island..

20,000 Leagues Under Bermuda

Ships go missing, planes vanish without a trace..aliens..time loops..Matrix..or maybe God’s weird sense of humor.. How bad do you want to..

Like A Virgin in Virgin Islands

Are you a virgin? No no, don’t you worry, there’s no funny business going on here. Ok, it’s probably better if I clarify a little. By island virgin I don’t mean a virgin living on an island but..

From Lawyering to Blogging in Cuba

Are you starting to feel that enough is enough and it’s time to jump off the hamster wheel and live your adventure? Hell yea my friend, glad to meet you :) You’re at the right place and you’re about to start a very cool adventure.

Life’s a Bitch: Well Not in Belize

Do you feel like people bitching about life being a bitch..waaay too much? I hear ya and it’s probably because they haven’t tasted the Belize life yet :)

One Love Jamaica the Sophisticated Life

Does reggae touch your soul and fulfill you with love? Awesome man, we are all one..one love :) Before anything else, let’s fulfill our souls with the most powerful energy in the world and then..

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