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Uncovering London: Snatch Your Travel Diamonds

Ready to discover London the fun and furry way? You’re about to discover something really..

Chuck Norris Craft Beer Travel

Say whaaat? Has this X Ray Cat lost it all together or got a sunstroke..stay with me and I promise this weird post will make total sense to you as you keep reading.

Uncovering Venice with Venetian Cat

Discovering the world by yourself is awesome adventure but how much more can you uncover with inside secrets from the right cat? Helluva lot more :)

Following Casanova: Romancing in Venice

To become a master of romance you want to learn from the master. Who better than the legend himself, women fainting left and right..Casanova.

Sipping Espresso at the Colosseum

We who are about to die salute you. These words from Gods of the arena will echo in eternity..we who are about to enjoy espresso would be the proper salute to dominus today..the espresso dominus :)

Vacation Like Royalty- Passion For Travel

My x-ray vision has already detected you as one badass passionate tough cat. The question is, do you vacation like royalty?