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Chuck Norris Craft Beer Travel

Say whaaat? Has this X Ray Cat lost it all together or got a sunstroke..stay with me and I promise this weird post will make total sense to you as you keep reading.

Godmother: Top 10 Places to See in Sicily Before You..

There’s a woman behind every great man. So what do you think, who actually runs Sicily? You my friend have been summoned by Godmother..

Adventuress Mind Blowing Views in Greece

Are you ready to get your mind blown? In a good way of course :) Awesome, you landed at the right place my friend. I’ve been using my superpowers to get my own mind blown away daily..

Solo Traveler Visiting the Island of God

First congratulation my friend :) If you’re traveling alone you’re already one tough cat traveler or travelista! I really hope our paths will cross somewhere :) What could be better place for that than the mythical island of God, Crete.