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Discovering New Zealand to Find Your Precious

Little hobbits, forces of evil, breathtaking wilderness.. what better place for exploring than following the footsteps of Gollum to find your own precious..

Exploring Like Marco Polo- Meet SV Delos Crew

Imagine this: you and the best crew you you can want, sailing around the world, endless exploring of new horizons and adventures that will echo in eternity..sounds like your kinda thing?

Scooby Scuba Diving in Bora Bora

It’s time to tell your kids to say goodbye to Scooby Doo and dive into the blue world full of magic and amazing alien life forms.

Isle Of Love and All Her Islands

Love..love..love..love has all the colours :)
While Haddaway’s message is powerful, I’d like to approach from more colourful angle. Let yourself go on the Isle of Love :)

Dream Destination Tahiti the Mermaid Heaven

Where do all the mermaids go? Yep, dream destination Tahiti. So grab your snorkeling gear and let’s dive into the turquoise mermaid heaven.

Bula Fiji! Adrenaline, Action and Adventure in Fiji

If sipping Pina Coladas all day long at the pool is not your interpretation of best adventure in Fiji, then you’re at the right place. You can be the third person to..

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