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Traveling The World: Cheers, The World Is Yours

Hey my friend, since you’re online surfing the WWW and you found this post I believe you’re ready to..take over the world! Here’s how..

Cliff Diving For Tough Cats: Jump to the Unknown

Discover cliff diving with a weird and furry twist. And even if you’re not a jumper yet, you will be after reading this post. X Ray Cat guarantees it personally!
Jumping from high cliffs and jumping into the unknown depths of your true potential.

Nighthawk Knows Asian Nightlife

It’s time to unleash the beast inside and looks like you’re ready to do just that. This post is mainly Continue Reading

Miami Beach Nightlife- Can’t Get No Sleep

Hey my friend, how’s the night treating you so far?
X Ray Cat almost never sleeps because there are too many journeys and adventures to experience and too little time, so I sleep the bare minimum. You the same?