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Bending The Status Quo of Accepted Matrix

..be a rebel..break the rules, say fu*k the status quo of boring unsatisfying existence the majority calls normal life and…for the love of God..take the red pill!

How To Quit That Job and Travel More?

If the best sound you’ve ever heard and couldn’t live without is the soul murdering dream killing noise of your alarm clock early as hell on monday morning…or on any other morning, then quickly hit that X on your browser and don’t continue reading this post because…

Couchsurfer Guide to Couchsurfing Like A Tough Cat

Hey, since you found this post you’re probably surfing the net right now searching for inside information to make your couchsurfing a ride of a lifetime.
Come hit the wave with X Ray Cat and see the difference between a wussy surfer and a tough cat couchsurfer. I’ll bet you’ve met some wussies who..

Traveling The World: Cheers, The World Is Yours

Hey my friend, since you’re online surfing the WWW and you found this post I believe you’re ready to..take over the world! Here’s how..

Dare to Fly Your Miles to Memories

Spread your wings and fly my friend..long gone are the days of step-by-step and horsepower.
Ready to experience a modish, fun and furry approach to getting from A to B…Buckle up and I’ll take you to heights you probably never wanna leave

Revealed: Furry Guide How to Make Money Traveling

I’ll take a wild guess here and say that you’re probably sick and tired of busting your ass of at your soulsucking job that at the end of the day, leaves you filled with emptiness inside..

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